Meet Stuart

Meet Stuart

Stuart spent the last 20 years on an entrepreneurial journey helping run several companies.  It wasn’t until he founded an IT products and services company in 2003 that he began to have some real success.  Success came after years of tough lessons, sleepless nights and relentless stress.  These challenges led Stuart to an executive leadership peer group where he discovered the book Traction by Gino Wickman, which illuminates The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®). 


He implemented EOS in his own business and was able to clarify his company’s vision, gain consistent traction and vastly improve team health.  EOS helped Stuart and his leadership team to solve even the toughest business challenges. Ultimately Stuart’s quality of life improved tremendously, and his company flourished.​

Stuart successfully sold his company to a European firm in 2015.  He spent the next few years launching the US operations of the $750 million, global IT firm.  After a successful tenure with the new owners, Stuart decided it was time to return to his entrepreneurial roots.  Implementing EOS for other companies was a natural fit.

Stuart’s entrepreneurial experience, genuine passion for EOS and focus on strong company culture all make him uniquely positioned to implement EOS.

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